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Note From My Global Data CEO, David Belford

Technology and Classic Cars

When it comes to technology, I have a favorite analogy: You can’t turn a Model T into a Corvette. Even though they both have four wheels, they are completely different in just about every other way.

It’s the same with technology: Some customers just want to tune up their “classic cars,” so to speak. Forget about making it go the speed limit, just get it to run. But we have to ask: Can this car really get you where you need to go?

Sometimes, a company builds a product that has fantastic features—it’s a clear winner. But after a while, the technology behind it gets out of date. Old platforms break down or become obsolete. Sooner or later, things don’t work like they should.

At My Global Data, some of our most rewarding work has been rescuing companies from the brink of extinction. We once worked with a software company that was losing 10% of its customer base every year, for six years straight. After they hired us, we were able to revisit their original vision for the product, but rewrite the software to function in today’s world. We also tackled their outdated email verification system and spam filters, among other things. Now the company is growing again; they are thriving in today’s market.

My Global Data is passionate about using technology to solve real business challenges. Our programming and integration expertise gets customers safely out of the service garage—all revved up to enjoy the ride.


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