Support, With an Edge.

My Global Data clients get more than just software support. They get access to a dedicated, versatile community with razor-sharp product skills in Revel, Wordware, and numerous other POS applications.

What makes My Global Data different? It all comes down to our people and our process.

Our People

The Support Team is continually learning as they deliver tangible solutions for customers. Our 15 full-time staff members are curious, helpful, genuine, and focused; many are fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Our team includes people from diverse career backgrounds—from technically-trained laymen to software developers with computer science degrees. Regardless of their level of expertise, all of our staff are highly service-oriented; they don’t try to impress others with technical jargon. Instead, the goal is to resolve real problems through positive interactions that increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our Process

The collaborative, flexible environment at My Global Data allows our team to provide nimble, high-quality support. For example, we can escalate pressing issues to a higher level of support—or even facilitate a programming solution—by partnering with other In-House subject matter experts.

Whenever possible, we utilize the latest technology and training resources to improve our service levels. For example, our staff can remotely connect and share screens to provide additional support or deliver visual aids as needed. In addition, our team stays up-to-date on the products they support via lunch-and-learns, webinars, company-sponsored training sessions, industry news sources, staff meetings and more.

All Support Team members have extensive training and hands-on experience exploring a product’s capabilities and limitations, and matching them with solutions. This benefits clients by combining tremendous value and efficiency in the support process.


Do you have a software product or application that requires support? Contact My Global Data. We have the right staff — and the right approach — to take care of your customers.

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